Tuli VCD

Tuli VCD


Artists: Desiree del Valle, Carlo Aquino, Vanna Garcia, Luis Alandy, Eugene Domingo, Bembol Roco


Tuli centers on Daisy (Desiree del Valle), daughter of the town's manunuli or circumciser who has questions about her sexuality. Bethrothed to a man whom she has no feelings for, she feels trapped in this relationship and wishes to break free from it.


But in a town steeped in customs regarding the respective roles of the sexes. Daisy realizes she's up against a brick wall. Desperate, she gets her self pregnant by another man who is octracized for being the town's remaining uncircumcised male.


What happens from hereon is a tests of wills with Daisy's compromised action putting a dent on the towns views regarding manhood.


Directed by Auraeus Solito



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