Artists: Ronnie Ricketts, Monsour del Rosario, Mark Gil, Danica Sotto, Cheska Garcia, Ricardo Cepeda


“Uno” is the most dangerous professional assassin in Asia. He strikes fast with deadly efficiency. He leaves a trademark shot pattern on his victims which identifies UNO as the killer. After investigating the UNO case for some time, the police suspect that there is actually more than one hitman involved.


Two top assassins give the police more to worry about. The two prime suspects share similar skills and abilities. Both are experts with firearms, both are experts in hand to hand combat and they both have personal reasons to be assassins. Both are highly regarded and feared in the circle of illegal activities.


Being the best, they have numerous “hits” lined up for them by a middleman Brando, who has made himself wealthy in the business of death dealing. For Brando, business is good!


The problem is that the hit man called Niko wants to get out of the business. His heart is not into killing anymore and he just wants to retire. To protect himself from Niko ever confessing his knowledge about the business, Brando must send Mike, the other top hit man to kill Niko.


With the police closing in on them and Brando’s organization close behind, Niko and Mike must deal with each other first. It’s a fight for life. Being the best of the best means that they are the top of their game. But who is better man? Who is numero UNO?


Directed by Ronnie Ricketts



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