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Artists: Bong Revilla Jr, Alma Moreno, Bembol Roco, Perla Bautista, King Gutierrez, Atong Redillas


Urbanito Dizon or Nitoy to his friends was branded as the most notorious gangster in Luzon. It was his arrogance and his constant want for more that brought him into business with different hooligans. Also, his being haughty was augmented by his beliefs that his father doesn't love him, that one reason is responsible for his own fall.


Nitoy's failure to consider the consequences of his actions made him an enormous risk taker and allowed him to earn large money as a robber. Nitoy's pride drove him to victory and fueled his rise to the top with lot of money at hand, but his success also draws him closer to death.


Directed by Ricardo Osorio.


Urbanito Dizon VCD

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