Voyager and Other Fictions Book


Author: Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.



Hapless men yearn after unreachable women. Boys teeter on the edge of adolescence and taste the bitterness of disillusionment. A multitude of characters gamble with their fates in casinos.


Voyager and Other Fictions: The Collected Stories of Jose Dalisay explores the depths of the human psyche, exposing the follies and foibles of Filipinos going about their daily lives. This definitive compilation of forty-three stories from a master storyteller includes the classic stories “Penmanship,” and “Oldtimer,” and the title story “Voyager,” which show the art and craft of one of the country’s most revered writers of short fiction.


c2019,  Newsprint, 5.5 × 7.5 in, 528pp, 

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