Walang Kapalit Vol.2 DVD

Walang Kapalit Vol.2 DVD


Artists: Claudine Barretto, Piolo Pascual, Edu Manzano, Dina Bonnevie, Amy Austria, Jodi Sta Maria

Noel (Piolo Pascual) figures in a car accident that makes the whole family rush to his side.

As Melanie (Claudine Barretto) takes care of her brother, they finally admit they love each other.

But their parents are deadset against their relationship.

Meanwhile, Ceding (Amy Austria) admits to Agnes (Dina Bonnevie) that Noel is her son born out of wedlock with Ariston's father.

This makes Ariston (Edu Manzano) and Noel half-brothers, not father and son.

As Noel and Melanie nurture their relationship, Cynthia (Jodi Sta Maria) tries a drastic measure in an attempt to gain Noel's undivided attention.

Will she succeed in driving a wedge in the siblings relationship?


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