Walang Kapalit Vol.3 DVD

Walang Kapalit Vol.3 DVD


Artists: Claudine Barretto, Piolo Pascual, Edu Manzano, Dina Bonnevie, Amy Austria, Jodi Sta Maria

Agnes (Dina Bonnevie) succumbs to a heart attck and Cynthia (Jodi Sta Maria) deliberately withholds the information from Noel (Piolo Pascual), once again, creating a rift between Noel and Melanie.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ariston is ready to reveal the truth of the real nature of his relationship with Noel but an accident derails it.

Melanie sees the death of their parents as punishment for her illicit love affair with Noel and she breaks off with him.

But they remain a family as Noel is appointed her legal guardian.

Melanie graduates with honors but another misunderstanding during her graduation party results in an impulsive decision to marry Ronald (Bobby Andrewss).

How will this new development affect Noel and Melanie's relationship?



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