Walang Kapalit Vol.7 DVD

Walang Kapalit Vol.7 DVD


Artists: Claudine Barretto, Piolo Pascual, Edu Manzano, Dina Bonnevie, Amy Austria, Jodi Sta Maria

Ronald (Bobby Andrewss) and Cynthia's (Jodi Sta Maria) tryst is captured on video- an evidence Ronald uses to blackmail Cynthia in hopes that Noel's (Piolo Pascual) life will shatter into something worse than his own.

This deadly game of deception, however gets out of hand leaving everyone connected to Cynthia and Ronald stupefied and shaken by the scandal.

Seeking redemption and another chance at life, Noel files divorce and Melanie (Claudine Barretto) files an annulment case, inciting a start of another difficult battle as their respective spouses device ways to prove that Noel and Melanie would have to suffer before they can even attempt at pursuing sweet freedom.





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