Wanted Boarder DVD

Wanted Boarder DVD


Artists: Rosanna Roces, Joy Louise Evidente, Kristoffer Grabato, Publio Briones III, Raffy Tejada, Dante Amaguin


Mama Saleng is a religious fanatic who owns a boarding house and a canteen.


As a child, Saleng was accused, along with her grandmother, of being an "Aswang".


Her thirst for human flesh was quenched during the Martial Law years when she met Jessie Beltran, an undercover agent tasked with the brutal extermination of activists on Panay Island.


Mama Saleng came to enjoy killing, becoming like the "Aswang" she was accussed of being.


She continues to indulge her monstrous appetites among her hapless lodgers.


Directed by Ray Gibraltar.


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