Xerex The Series First Edition VCD

Xerex The Series First Edition VCD


Artists: Aubrey Miles, Jake Roxas, Kalani Ferreria, John Hall, Ynez Veneracion, Allen Dizon

After 15 years of unprecedented tabloid sex notoriety, the Xerex Xaviera fantasy achieves big screen fulfillment via three exciting escapades into sensual.

“Kama” tells of a teenaged girl’s intimate dalliances with a campus hearthrob who turns out to be a heel.

“O” follows a bride-to-be’s lusty rollercoaster ride that takes her to an orgasmic bore, and her newfound toyboy, a beach lifeguard who’s only saving grace is his bedside acrobatics.

While “Butas” explores the dark, seedy voyeu ristic world of illicit sex.

Directed by Mel Chionglo

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