YAMASHITA: The Tiger's Treasure VCD

YAMASHITA: The Tiger's Treasure VCD


Artists: Albert Martinez, Rustom Padilla, Camille Prats, Armando Goyena, Danilo Barrios, Vic Diaz, Bearwin Meilly


Yamashita The Tiger's treasure follows a labyrinthine chase along the bounty hunter underworld of missing treasure from the spunky viewpoints of a gang of teeners led by Jobert played by Danilo Barrios, and chums played by Camille Prats, Mico Palanca and Bearwin Meilly.  All of whom unwittingly find themselves caught in the middle of an ongoing treasure hunt about to hit paydirt.


Armando Goyena plays Jobert's Lolo Melo. Wartime witness to the Yamashita caper who leaves his coded wartime diaries in the care of grandson Jobert.


Veteran screen bugaboo Vic Diaz plays the evil Japanese officer Naguchi, who comes back to the country 60 years later, now a crime syndicate boss, to reclaim the loot, with lackey triggerman, played by Rustom Padilla.


Meanwhile, Jobert and his gang, clueless at the start as to how they get themselves into bigtime trouble, cross paths with the beguiling but double-crossing treasure hunter, Emong, played in the pic by Albert Martinez.


As Lolo Melo's coded diary falls into the hands of Emong, who subsequently succeeds in cracking the code, the stage is set for the biggest treasure expedition of his career.


Emong then takes Jobert and his gang, at gunpoint at that, for a perilous sojourn to the remotest ends of the Philippine archipelago where they come face to face with the answer to the 60-year old mystery: the much-coveted Yamashita Treasure!


Directed by Chito S. Roño




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