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Babyface Astringent with Melawhite 
and Babyface Solutions 2 & 3

These are skin formulations which contain hydroquinone, tretinoin and vitamin E. Hydroquinone lightens dark skin and eliminates blotches. Tretinoin helps the skin achieve a blemish free skin as it eliminates pimples, blackheads & whiteheads. Vitamin E feeds the skin properly to achieve a youthful glow. These formulations assist in the treatment of acne and pimples or in comedone-forming areas of the skin.

For dark skin, use Babyface Solution No. 3, For lighter skin, use Babyface Solution No. 2. It is recommended to use Babyface Astringent with Melawhite for maintenance treatment as it provide a smoother and lighter skin complexion for a youthful and radiant looking skin.


  • It acts by increasing melanin excretion from melanocytes and may prevent melanin production. 

  • A skin lightening active ingredient 

  • Tyrosinase inhibitor 

  • Helps reduce the formation of unwanted pigmentation by limiting both melanin production and skin reddening. 

  • Pigments such as melanin (tan) and hemoglobin (erythema) are mainly responsible for skin color. 

  • Preparations containing 2% are less effective than those containing 4%


May cause transient erythema and a mild burning sensation 
May produce hyperpigmentation especially on areas of skin that are exposed to sunlight 
Should not be applied to abraded or sunburnt skin 
It should not be used to bleach eyelashes or eyebrows 
Excessive exposure to sunlight should be avoided. 
Should not be used with sunburns until fully recovered.


  • It is the acid form of Vitamin A. 

  • It is applied topically in the treatment of acne vulgaris and some other disorders of keratinisation. 

  • It is irritant to the skin and can produce erythema and peeling. 

  • Tretinoin should not be applied to the eyes, mouth or other mucous surfaces,or to eczematous,sunburnt,or abraded skin.


Should not be used longer than 2 months. 
Do not apply to broken skin. 
Should not be used on children twelve (12) years below. 
Do not use to treat more than 10% of the total body surface. 
Should not be used by pregnant women.

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